Middle Ground Flats


Middle Ground Flats is an endearing reminder of what happens when you mess with Mother Nature.  She will come back with a vengeance and stake her claim.  Originally a small sandbar in the center of the Hudson River between the City of Hudson and Athens,  Middle Ground Flats has transformed into a lushly forested island over time caused by the dredging of the shipping channel, depositing sediments onto the sand.  Surrounded by the open expanses of the Hudson River and Catskill peaks, Middle Ground Flats is lined with sandy beaches, frolicking deer and tiny fishing cabins that are largely left untouched by the people who admire its beauty from the shoreline or  a kayak breezing by.

Fragrance Profile:

Top: Green Leaf + Ozone

Middle:  Freshwater + Lily

Base: White Birch + Spruce