The Madame's Boudoir


The Madame’s Boudoir: A cross between your Grandmother’s perfume and a dive bar.  Yes, we know that sounds incredibly contradictory.  But we would insist it’s complementary. This uniquely floral and musky, smoked and spicy fragrance offers a medley of interpretation.  It is inspired by the once thriving Red Light Districts of Hudson that housed several saloons and brothels that were run by powerful madame until they were shut down by police raids in 1950. Many of these structures are still standing today along Columbia and Front Street, with nothing short of colorful pasts. If these walls could talk.... Aggressive and feminine, the Madame's Boudoir is gratuitous, unapologetic and will likely have you asking for more.

Top: Rose + Jasmine

Middle: Chardonnay + Clove

Base: Amber + Smoke